Alegro TD 7 Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturing company involved in undertaking engineering solutions and production for the locksmith industry around the globe. Our products span around Europe, United States, Africa and Australia.

Our company operates under the registered European trademarks “Prodecoder” and “Prodecoder Mini”, which product types have been granted with patents that provide further recognition of the quality of the innovation carried out by the prodecoders.com team.

Our products are known for the non disruptive way of working, durability and easy procedures that require minimum knowledge in this very complicated field.

Thanks to our main engineers who have over 20 years of experience, we provide customised and innovative solutions for our clients and partners. We are a complete integrated “problem solver” in the locksmith industry including, but not limited to the car lock systems and high security level locks.


To us, innovation is about elevating human potential.



Mini Prodecoder. Maximum performance.

There’s more to Mini than what you see. Prodecoder Mini puts uncompromising performance and potential in your hands. It’s made from stainless steel and it is made to last. The sleek handle design makes it possible to apply enough tension and the lead channels make Mini one of the best tools that a professional may require in its everyday activities.


We are excited to share the news that the decoders we produce are finally covered by a patent number BG 2371 U1. The ORIGINAL inventor and producer of these devices is Dimitar Ivaylov which owns the exclusive rights granted by the Republic of Bulgaria ( EU). He has managed to invent a solution for the locksmith industry which is now called PRODECODER. Under this name we will continue to invent and produce diverse products, providing solutions not only for the automotive locksmith industry, but also the domestic one.

With this we want to assure our clients that our products are original and innovative, and even though there are similar products to ours on the market, we hold the patent for this invention, which is the ultimate proof of authenticity.

For further details of the patent document please visit the PATENT OFFICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA HERE: http://www.bpo.bg/images/stories/buletini/binder-2016-12.pdf


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These prodecoders аrе invented and developed in Bulgaria. The idea behind these tools is to make the unlocking procedure easy and really fast. It does not require any specific skills or qualifications and this is the reason why this self impressioning tool has become the most advanced lock picking tool that you can find on the market today.

Main advantages are: 
  • No skills required to learn and use the tool
  • Fast opening
  • No damage on the lock
  • You can read the code
  • You can make a duplicate key
  • These decoders can be used as many times on different cars – unlimited

Currently there are 9 models of Prodecoder:

Each of these tools has its own specifications and requirements needed for the opening procedure to be successful. They work on different car models from different years of manufacturing, but all models have the exact same components and a similar opening procedure.

Tool Components

prodecoder components

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