Prodecoder Mini. What you do now, can be done better.

Prodecoder Patented Product

Alegro TD 7 Ltd. ( is pleased to announce the grant of Patent No. BG 2887 U1 that now covers our new launched products – Prodecoder Mini series.

The grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by the team.

Prodecoder Mini HU101 Rover Ford Volvo JaguarProdecoder Mini HU101 Rover Ford Volvo Jaguar
Prodecoder Mini HU100 Opel and ChevroletProdecoder Mini HU100 Opel and Chevrolet
Prodecoder Mini HU83 PEUGEOT/ Man Trucks/ CitroenProdecoder Mini HU83 PEUGEOT/ Man Trucks/ Citroen
Prodecoder Mini HU64 MercedesProdecoder Mini HU64 Mercedes
Prodecoder Mini HU92 for BMW E seriesProdecoder Mini HU92 for BMW E series
Prodecoder Mini HU66 GEN 2/6Prodecoder Mini HU66 GEN 2/6
Prodecoder Mini HU66 GEN 1Prodecoder Mini HU66 GEN 1
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Prodecoder Mini
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EUR 150 - 170
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