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securemme securmap 11 key cuts

Securemme Securmap 11 comes with patented key that has specifics concave cuts. These cuts correspond to the “bulge” located on the inside of the lock hole – on both the front and the back plates. In simple words – when magic key or any other pick tool, but the original key, is to be inserted inside the Securemme Securmap Lock, it cannot be turned neither left nor right. The “bulge” located on the entrance will prevent it. Under pressure to turn it, the tool will break, hence, it will block the whole system. This is just one of the measures taken against the standard Magic keys (Pick tools).

securemme securmap 11 plate-cuts-web

Securemme Securmap 11 has 3 + 3 plates. The plates have anti – pick cuts, plus an extra anti- pick cut located at the bottom, which causes the floating of the plates making it almost impossible to pick. Additionally, the central “plug” that passes through the plates  has an anti- pick cut also. As shown in the picture above, there are also small discs that go along the plates – this disks form small slits between every plate- when a conventional pick tool is inserted, the pins of the pick tool will get stuck in those slits, causing the whole system to block




Prodecoder Automatic Securemme 3x3 securmap

Bulge Eraser

Bulge Remover Securemme Securmap 11

The first step of the opening is to remove the “bulge” that stands on the entrance of the lock hole. With the help of the Bulge Eraser this happens quite fast and really easy – you just insert the tool in the correct position  and depth and start turning it until both bulges are removed (both the front plane and the back plane have one of those). After this procedure is done the bulge is gone (on both front and back planes) but the plates of the lock remain untouched, which leaves it in the exact same condition. Please note that with Prodecoder Automatic we perform ONLY non-disruptive opening.

Prodecoder Automatic Components

Prodecoder Automatic Components
Prodecoder Automatic Reset procedure

Prodecoder Automatic has 2 main wheels and 2 additional small tension handles:

  1. Turbo wheel – when you turn the turbo wheel you cause movement of the pins. This is the main operational wheel.
  2. Tension wheel – by giving tension to the left and then to the right, and by holding this tension while we are turning the turbo wheel, we cause traction between the pins and the respective plates (levers) of the lock. This is the main methodology Prodecoder Automatic uses to work on the self impressioning method. The wheel has two stop points to remind the operator that a progressive opening must be performed.
  3. Small tension handles- these two can be easily screwed on the Tension wheel (2). Their purpose is for convenience – with them the operation is much easier as they have amazing grip with your hand and you are able to feel the tension of the levers.

Prodecoder Automatic has very simple reset procedure we must perform before every opening:

  1. Turn the Turbo wheel all the way to the RIGHT in order to put the pins in their correct position
  2. With the Reset tool provided in the box, reset all pins through the 3 + 3 small holes located on the 2 cassettes. These holes correspond to the pins and they must be put in zero position.
  3. The decoder is ready to be inserted inside the lock and the opening procedure may begin

You may watch the video below in order to see the exact operation with Prodecoder Securemme Securmap 3 x 3

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