BMW Keyprog PRO


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The device is designed to program blank original key and chip PCF7936 for  “E” series models:
X1, X5, X6 (since 06/2007)
1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th series (since 06/2007)
Mini Cooper second generation
Guaranteed to work with the first approach:
all the petrol engines from 2010
diesel engines 3,5d c 2008
on all new diesel engines c 2010
Time programming key for 10-15 seconds on the cars before the upgrade version of ISSS-41 and reconnect the programmer
8-11 minutes with the updated program
Programming CAS occurs only when you first connect the programmer. When you reconnect the programmer to wait 8 minutes longer required.
Added a new “service key” (see. Service Key)
So the same device can disable the factory alarm system and erase the fault memory of the vehicle.

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BMW Keyprog PRO Alarm OFF

BMW Keyprog PRO - Key Programming (type1)

BMW Keyprog PRO - Key Programming (type2)

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