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The device is designed to program blank original key and chip PCF7936 for  “E” series models:
X1, X5, X6 (since 06/2007)
1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th series (since 06/2007)
Mini Cooper second generation
Guaranteed to work with the first approach:
all the petrol engines from 2010
diesel engines 3,5d c 2008
on all new diesel engines c 2010
Time programming key for 10-15 seconds on the cars before the upgrade version of ISSS-41 and reconnect the programmer
8-11 minutes with the updated program
Programming CAS occurs only when you first connect the programmer. When you reconnect the programmer to wait 8 minutes longer required.
Added a new “service key” (see. Service Key)
So the same device can disable the factory alarm system and erase the fault memory of the vehicle.

BMW Keyprog PRO Alarm OFF

BMW Keyprog PRO - Key Programming (type1)

BMW Keyprog PRO - Key Programming (type2)

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