BMW key transponder L8 Key REMOTE Device OBD2

BMW key transponder programming device via OBD II

The programmer supports all BMW E with CAS MODELS FROM 2004 TILL 2013

supports also version ISTA 45 +



The device combines the capabilities of the previous L3 and L4 releases – everything written in the previous user manuals for these devices applies for the L5 device. With L5 you can make a key for all CAS3 vehicles including recent 2012 BMW models and mini cooper.

Preparing the device

The key making device has different setup, depending on the version of the vehicle:

before ISTA-P 45 after ISTA-P 45 Where to put the empty key The empty key or transponder should be put in the antenna ring The empty key or transponder should be inserted in the vehicle ignition Device switches Doesn’t matter – they are not considered The switches should be set to the type of key you are making – 2 for transponder, 4 for Remote, 5 for keyless go.

If you are preparing a key for an older vehicle (before 2010) then you should consider the column “before ISTA-P 45” in the table above. The empty key should be put in the device antenna. For newer models (after 2010) the key can be taught in ignition only. You have to insert the key in ignition and set the switches accordingly: Key Type Switch Position Transponder PCF7936 2 BMW Remote 4 BMW KeylessGO 5

Recommended steps if not sure what is the model of the vehicle

• Always set the device switch to the key type that you are making. If the car is older and you can make the key in the antenna – the switch position is ignored. If it is newer – the switch position is important

• First put the key in the antenna ring and try to make a key. If it starts blinking frequently for more than 5 min this would mean that the CAS3 is newer model – it needs about 10 min preparation. Take the key out of the antenna and insert it in ignition. Key making for newer models (ISTA-P 45+)

1. Wake up the car by turning on the head lights

2. If the car has working key, remove it out of the car

3. Insert the empty key in ignition

4. Plug the device in the OBD2 socket

5. Observe the LED light


• The LED is turned OFF for longer period. Remove the key, remove the device, put the key in ignition and plug the device again

• The LED is turned GREEN ON for longer period. Push the key in ignition, press the Start/Stop button (without pressing the pedal) Wait until the LED starts slow blinking. If it is:

• Slow RED blink – procedure has failed

• Slow GREEN blink – procedure succeeded.

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