Basic set for Double-bit Impressioning

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This tool kit is made for automatic self-impression for lever locks. It works in a non- destructive way and it is easy to learn. The full kit version contents of 44+ lock models. Additionally, single tools from this kit are also offered. If you are interested, contact us at

For further information check THIS  file and watch the videos below.

Chart of the tool assembly

The dispatch (or handling) time is more then two weeks if the product is not in stock!

Important! Training process is necessary to learn the opening procedure. If you haven’t been trained and you have no experience, please keep in mind that the warranty of the manufacturer will not apply.

The set works with the following 44 lock systems:

  • Antonioli
  • AKARSAN – all known models (safe and door)
  • Auno
  • Atra
  • BTV / Spain /
  • Beta Abloy
  • CIFIAL – outside mounted lock
  • CR Vario
  • CR normal
  • CR small map
  • CR outside mounted locks
  • CISA small map locks
  • CISA some safe model locks
  • CISA ANTIPICK version 1
  • CISA ANTIPICK version2
  • CISA outside mounted locks
  • FAC – safe locks / SPAIN /
  • ISEO – FIAM serie 600
  • MCM / Spain / models
  • Metal – all known models
  • Mottura small map locks
  • Mottura medum map locks
  • Mottura ” My key”models
  • Mottura “Nucleo compact”
  • Mottura “Nucleo”
  • Mottura “Easy go” models
  • Potent 8 levers models
  • Potent Vario 7000 models
  • SAB small map models
  • SAB big map locks for armored doors
  • Securemme big map models
  • Securemme medium map models
  • Securemme small map models
  • Securemme some safe locks
  • Tesio armored door models
  • Kale 4+4
  • Yale – small map models
  • Class – Russian models
  • Metem – Russian models
  • CAM 3 + 3
  • CAM 4 + 4
  • Elbor
  • Dekaba Mauer 4+4
  • Some Serbian similar locks
  • Kerberos – some models – RESERVED
  • *** many other locks with similar part dimensions

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Weight 1380 kg

2 reviews for Basic set for Double-bit Impressioning

  1. BruceMP

    В «Наркононе» мы посвятили себя одной цели: помочь вам навсегда преодолеть зависимость. Во внимание принимается каждая деталь, чтобы дать вам стабильность и комфорт, a также помочь освободиться от зависимости и заново начать свою жизнь без наркотиков.
    Телефон: +79200396703

  2. GeorgeUfa


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