Toyota and Lexus Emergency Engine start

Emergency EES module

Intended for emergency start the engine of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the event of
lost all keys or failure of regular system of authorization keys. The module is used as
temporary element for transporting cars to the repair site and is not intended to
a permanent use.

The principle of operation is based on the substitution of the device instead of the standard module EES
Authorization key (called a smart module or block certification ) and do not require smart key for
starting the engine. When connecting the EES is unlocked and activated central locking
Start system . When necessary in the emergency no longer run , the module EES
will restore the original state of all electronic systems (this is done
EES module will automatically turn off the ignition START button ) .

[mk_message_box type=”warning-message”]The device is not intended for illegal use.[/mk_message_box]

[mk_message_box type=”info-message”]Download the Manual here:[/mk_message_box][mk_icon_box title=”Manual” text_size=”16″ font_weight=”inherit” read_more_url=”” icon=”moon-arrow-right-16″ style=”simple_minimal” icon_size=”small” rounded_circle=”false” icon_location=”left” circled=”false” icon_color=”#ebc711″ icon_circle_color=”” box_blur=”false” margin=”30″]



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