Handle for ProEdition Series


If you already have a ProEdition Series kit and you just want one additional handle for you Double Bit Lock Decoder, here you can purchase one.

Price applies for 1 handle ONLY!!! This is not a full set!

IMPORTANT – the handle is suitable for the new ProEdition series. If you are not sure which one do you have, contact us

Double bit lock

There are a lot of models of Double Bit Locks around Europe and not only. This is why we decided to offer only sticks per your choice. This way you may complete your set.

What you get with this products

Choose your ProEdition Model

Make sure you have the correct traction of your pins

The most important thing is the preparation of the stick. On most models there are two bolts – one positioned on the top and another on the bottom of the stick. There are two hex keys in the box – one for the top bolt of the stick and one for the bottom bolt.

Tools for Double Bit Locks
Cerradura de borjas con ganzua

The first step of the preparation is to ensure the smooth traction of the pins. If you tighten the bolts too much, the pins will move very hard. Hence, this may cause very slow or even impossible opening. On the other hand - If you leave them too loose, the pins will move too easy. This can cause the following - during the opening procedure, their movement will be gone. In other words , this will make the opening impossible. The pins must have the correct traction – not too tight nor too loose!

Weight 0.200 kg
ProEdition Model 1

Akarsan, China 6 pin, CHINA 7, CISA 4 x 4, CR 6 PINS,, CR 6 x 6, Elbor & Class 3×3, Ezcurra 6×6, FAC Safe Lock 4 + 1, Fiam & Ezcurra 5×5, IDM 3 x 3, Mauer 4 x 4, MCM 3 x 3, Mottura & Kale 4 x 4, Mottura Nucleo 6 Pins, Mottura Nucleo Compact 7 pin,, Potent 3 x 3, Potent 7 x 7, SAB & Securemme 3+3, SAB 6 X 6, Securemme 6×6


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