Prodecoder Automatic Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 pins + UPGRADE

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Prodecoder Automatic decoder that has 6 pins and can perform on Mottura Nucleo Compact locks with No Antipicking (black key) and there is an upgrade for locks with Antipicking (Antideco Due with red key) . You can purchase only the Basic version (No Antipicking) or you can purchase the Upgrade for the Antipicking locks

Prodecoder Automatic for Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 pins works on an automatic self impressioning method of opening- a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key for a lock without picking or disassembly. Extremely easy to work with, the tool overcomes locks that are considered high class and are being mounted on armored doors all around the world. No matter how the lock is oriented, you can unlock and decode as many times as you need to.

The tool comes with video instructions made with the Prodecoder Automatic that you will receive, with a unique serial number. This works as a guarantee that the decoder comes in PERFECT working condition and also insures personal attention to every client. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Instructions Video for Prodecoder Automatic Mottura NC 6 Pins

Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 Prodecoder Automatic

Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 Prodecoder Automatic is a new Generation Advanced Doppia Mappa Decoders. This tool serves professional locksmiths mainly in Italy, but also all around Europe and not only. And we made it specially for Mottura Nucleo Compact with 6 Levers Double Bit Lock System. This automatic self impressioning lock picking tool works fast and with no damage on the lock. With Mottura Nucleo Compact Decoder you can read the code. As a result, after you open the lock, you can make a duplicate key.

The tool will lift each of the 6 levers (plate) of the Double Bit Locks to a specific height in order for the locking bolt to move. This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the teeth of the original key. In this way the profile of a half of the key is obtained. To obtain the other half, it is necessary to repeat the operation for the second half of the profile. At this point you have a complete double bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original key. Another key point is how easy you can repair any broken or twisted pin – just pull out the old pin and insert (from the bottom of the cassette) a new one.

After we ship it, the decoder is ready for work. Because of that, you don’t need to further arrange the pins in specific order. So, all you must do is to insert into the correct lock – with 6 Pins. Please NOTE that there is a version of Mottura Nucleo Compact with 7 Pins also. Make sure you count the Levers from the Lock Hole!

Mottura Nucleo Compact Prodecoder Automatic
Non Antipick Locks (Basic Version)

Mottura Nucleo Compact Prodecoder Automatic
Antipick Locks (Upgrade Version)

Mottura Nucleo compact anti pick locks
Mottura Nucleo compact anti pick locks
Mottura Nucleo compact anti pick locks

Mottura Nucleo Compact Prodecoder Automatic

Please note that Every Decoder is made for a specific Double Bit Lock!!!  This is only for Original Mottura Nucleo Compact with 6 Levers on the Classic Non Antipicking Lock. 

Every Decoder has a Unique Serial Number and a description of the lock model made for. We ship with DHL Express all around the world and we provide the tracking number. Every Decoder comes with Personalized Video made with the EXACT decoder you are going to purchase. If you need any further information or if you have after sales queries we remain at your disposal. Contact us directly by WhatsApp or email at

Weight 0.400 kg
Model Mottura Nucleo 6

For Anti pick Locks (old and new lock models), For NON Anti pick Locks (old lock models)


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