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The new Prodecoder HU64  works on door, ignition and trunk for Mercedes Benz!

HU64 lock has 10 spaces and 5 depths and Prodecoder works on all of the wafers simultaneously, allowing the operator to open fast and with no damage  any lock of the type HU64. Being one of the most difficult locks, Prodecoder provides great solution for every professional world wide. The decoder does not need a tester key

Models it works on:

Mercedes Benz A class

Mercedes Benz C class – from 1999 onward

Cl -1995 up to 1999 year

CLK – from 2002 onward

Mercedes Benz E class – from 1997 onward

M class

G class

S class – from 1999 onward

Commercial vehicles – SPRINTER  2007 up to 2011

Description and Video Instructions are below!

  • Prodecoder HU64 is a mechanical tool that opens very fast lock type HU64. In order to be successful with the opening, a specific procedure must be followed. Below in this description you will find General Video Instructions that show step by step the opening methodology. One of the greatest challenges that every user faces is how to determine the wrong side of insertions from the right side of insertion.
  1. Check the correct positioning- as this is a mechanical tool and not a key, it has a correct side and a wrong side. in the video below you can see how to determine the correct side- it is really easy!
  • When the decoder is used according to the instructions, this can become an indispensable tool for every professional locksmith not only in the opening, but also in the decoding. After decoded, the user can make a duplicate key.
  • Very easy to learn. Extremely durable.
  • We test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes.
  • After your order is completed and the tool is dispatched (within 1-2 days usually) on your email you will receive a link with Video manual of the exact instrument (with a Serial number) you are going to purchase –  This serves as a guarantee that the tool is working.

Instruction Video for Prodecoder HU64 Mercedes Benz

[mk_message_box type=”info-message”]Always apply WD40 before inserting the decoders in the locks. WD-40 loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. With WD-40 you help the pins move inside the lock cylinder – this leads to better performance.[/mk_message_box]

Step 1. Reset Procedure of Prodecoder HU64:

  • 1. turn the turbo wheel to the right / back one with serial number /
  • 2. close the gate wheel by pushing it in 
  • 3. reset the pins by pushing them down to the maximum through the 5 holes per side (10 holes in total)  as shown in the picture below 

  • 5. all pins must be aligned, as the picture below


Prodecoder Pins aligned

Now your Prodecoder is ready for the lock opening.

[mk_image src=”” image_size=”large” align=”right”]

Step 2. Inserting Prodecoder into the lock

  1. Close the gate wheel / push it in /
  2. Turn the turbo wheel to the right
  3. Put the decoder inside the lock with a closed gate, and holding the gate wheel with points directed to the same side as the tester key  pointed.

Step 3. Opening procedure

  1. The most important part is how strong your tension is (on the tension wheel). If its too weak – the lock won’t open or it will open very slow. If the tension is too strong – you may break the tool or risk of tool deformation.
  2. Turn the tension wheel to the LEFT (keep holding it) and then turn the turbo wheel to the left until you reach the 1st stop point (we have 1 2 3  stop points engraved on the the gate) and return the turbo wheel to the right in its original position.
  3. Turn the tension wheel to the RIGHT (keep holding it) and then turn the turbo wheel to the left until you reach the 1st stop point (we have 1 2 3 stop points engraved on the the gate) and return the turbo wheel to the right in its original position.
  4. Repeat this procedure 15-50 times on stop point 1, 15-20 on stop point 2 and 15-20 times of stop point 3. This is what we call “progressive opening”. Do not rush the tool, the point here is not to reach point 3.
  5. When the prodecoder is turned to the opening position, stay in this position and turn the turbo wheel to the stop point on the gate wheel (the opening point)
  6. Juggle a little bit
  7. Turn to the other side

Step 3. Right Side or Wrong Side?

  1. When you start the Opening procedure discussed above, but there is no resistance in the Turbo wheel, this means that you are on the Wrong side and you must eject the tool and reverse it on the other side.


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