Universal 6×6 ProEdition Decoder


Universal 6×6 ProEdition Decoder is the ultimate tool for the most common 6×6 locks without Anti-Picking.

Universal 6×6 ProEdition Decoder covers more than 10 different locks listed below.

The Universal 6×6 decoder comes with 2 sticks – 1 stick with soft pins for internal and 1 stick with soft pins for external positions on the plates. Depending on how the lock is oriented, you choose the appropriate stick!


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Universal 6x6 ProEdition Decoder works on models: (the list is not complete!!!)

Universal 6x6 ProEdition Decoder CONTAINS:

Demo on Universal 6x6 ProEdition Decoder

Universal 6x6 ProEdition Decoder- Ultimate tool for the most common 6x6 Double Bit Lever Locks

Universal 6×6 ProEdition Decoder for the most common 6×6 locks (with no anti-pick cuts on the plates) is our lates decoder that is now part of the ProEdition series. And it works on manual self impressioning method of opening. Opens nondisruptively. This is a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key. Extremely easy to work with. The tool can overcome locks with 6×6 plates.No matter how the 6×6 lock is oriented. Hence you can unlock and decode as many times as you need to. The Universal card has so many positions you can read the code very easy. Hence creating a duplicate key is very easy and practical.


The tool comes with video of the contents of the kit made with the Universal 6×6 ProEdition Decoder that you will receive. Every decoder has unique serial number. This works as a guarantee that the decoder comes in perfect condition. It also insures personal attention to every client. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at info@prodecoders.com

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    Excellent tool … it takes practice

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