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Now you can combine all models you need into one compact box on a promo price. Choose your Double Bit sticks and make a practical pack for your locksmith job.

Grimaldello DOPPIA MAPPA

Features & Benefits

With these tools you can open no matter how the lock is oriented


With ProEdition Series of grimaldello doppia mappa you can lift each lever (plate) of the Double Bit Locks to a specific height in order for the locking bolt to move



Similar sticks, similar procedures, different models. If you work with one model, you already know how to work with all models. Easy to use and learn


Key to success – manipulation of the traction of the pins. Easy to do with the two hex keys – one for the bottom and one for the top of the stick


Easy to assemble and disassemble. Easy to repair any broken pin – just unscrew the top and/or bottom bolts and change the damaged pin.

ProEdition Series
Grimaldello Doppia Mappa

The most important thing is the preparation of the stick. On most models there are two bolts – one positioned on the top and another the bottom of the stick. There are two hex keys in the box – one for the top bolt of the stick and one for the bottom bolt. The first step of the preparation is to ensure the smooth traction of the pins. If you tighten the bolts too much, the pins will move very hard. Hence, this may cause very slow or even impossible opening. On the other hand – If you leave them too loose, the pins will move too easy. This can cause the following – during the opening procedure, their movement will be gone. In other words, this will make the opening impossible. The pins must have the correct traction – not too tight nor too loose!

  • model stick (Atra, Mottura, Cisa, Securemme ...etc)
  • Universal Handle suitable for every model
  • Small tension Handle
  • 2 hex keys
  • bolt for external pin adjustment
  • graphite stick for greasing the tool
  • small box with additional pins (spare parts)
  • Durable Transport box​


The Double Bit locks are built and operate much differently than the conventional and more popular pin locks. Their biggest disadvantage is that they do not allow for as many master-key combinations as pin tumbler locks.

In a basic, fixed, lever lock design, the entire lock is enclosed in a case – The simple lever lock has three or more lever wafers or plates that pivot on a post and are pushed into the ‘locking’ position by springs, which are bound against the case and attached to the tail end of each lever plate. When the original key is inserted into the lock and turned, it raises each plate (wafer) to the point where the fence of the lock’s bolt can clear the obstruction or face of each wafer, which also blocks each tumbler’s gate. When all the levers are in this position, the fence can be thrown through each tumbler’s gate, which pushes the bolt into the retracted position.

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