First step: Make sure you set up your stick

If you have just purchased your ProEdition Kit, make sure that your stick is set with the correct traction of the pins. Watch this video before you proceed with the Double Bit Lock opening. Still not sure what to do? Contact us

Ezcurra 5x5 (EZCURRA 805-B)

CISA 3-5-3 Cambio Facile (Big Cisa)

Akarsan 3x3 (Turkey)

ATRA DIERRE (English video manual)

Kale 4x4 (Turkey)

Mottura 3x3

Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 pins

FAC Seguridad - Safe Lock 4+1

CISA 3x3 (Small Cisa lock)

Ezcurra 6x6

CR 6x6

ATRA DIERRE (SPANISH video manual)

Mottura 6x6 (not ANTIDECO)

Securreme 6x6

Mauer 4x4 Dekaba (Bulgaria)

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