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We manufacture and distribute original locksmith tools

Prodecoder ® tools are manufactured and assembled in Sofia, Bulgaria. All of our products are ORIGINAL – invented and produced by team of engineers that guarantee the quality and durability of our locksmith tools and kits. Here you will find car locksmith tools for emergency opening and also home locksmith tools. Our products serve professionals all around the world. We make your job easier.

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Prodecoder for Car Locks

Our pick tools cover more than 85% of all car models. With Prodecoder® you can do an emergency opening in few seconds. Mechanical keys can be made afterwards

automatic prodecoder.jpg

Prodecoder Automatic

Invented to open the most difficult high class security locks in the double bit series. Open locks like Juwel, Guardian, Mottura Antideco and more

Double Bit Lock decoder Doppia mappa

Double Keys for Double Bit Locks

Get Double Sticks. Open Faster. The Single Kit will save you time when you need to make a duplicate key for the Double Bit Locks

Abloy Protec 1 Kit

Professional Kit to Decode and Open Abloy Protect 1. With this kit we recommend training. Opening is 100% guaranteed!

atra dierre decoder

ProEdition Series

One handle. Many models of Sticks. Stay practical when you open Double Bit Locks - Atra, Mottura, Cisa, Securemme and more

proedition combo

ProEdition Series​ - Packs

Take as many sticks as you want to in one big box. You have spare pins for every stick. And everything in one place!

front pump lock kits

Front Pump Locks Kit

Kit for Front Pump Locks​ - easy to learn and does not need any specific skills to master the opening of Mottura Generation 1, Mottura Generation 2 & Potent Locks.

gerda decoder

GERDA ZX Decoding Kit

The kit will make the decoding and opening of Gerda Tytan ZX series extremely easy. the procedure takes 10 - 15 minutes. The opening method is non disruptive.

lock puller

Lock Pullers & Extractors

Lock Pullers & Lock Extractors for destructive openings. A must for every locksmith - when all other methods fail, you simply must extract the lock. 100% made in Bulgaria!!!

key programmers

Key Programmers

Key Programmers for the most common models on the market.

locksmith vise

Locksmith Vices

We recommend you to train before you start operating on real cars and doors. We offer locksmith vices which are perfect for this purpose.

spare parts prodecoder

Spare parts

As a manufacturer we offer to our clients spare parts for every of our tool series.

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