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Meet Topolino - Locksmith tool for Euro Cylinders.

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Prodecoder Professional Decoders in few simple steps

We offer locksmith tools and decoders that we try to make as easier as possible to use. What we do best is to explain details how and why the tools we make work the way the do. You can browse through our video collection and learn the basic techniques of opening. No matter if we speak of car tools or home tools – our core business is to make the procedures easy to understand so that you can apply in reality!

Prodecoder ® Locksmith Tools are manufactured and assembled in Sofia, Bulgaria. All of our products are ORIGINAL – invented and produced by team locksmith experts and we guarantee the quality and durability of our locksmith tools and kits. Here you will find car locksmith tools for emergency opening and also home locksmith tools. Our products serve professionals all around the world. We make your job easier.

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Creativity is the process that gives life to a new product.

We are constantly working on new products and new product categories.We have many patent pending products that will soon hit the locksmith market. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and stay updated on the newest inventions. 

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Locksmith tools for Car Locks

This is our top notch product, the product that is known all around the world. Prodecoder works on automatic impressioning method. In other words you do not need to know well the lock you are working on. We provide very detailed video instructions and we teach professionals all around the world how to use them. The basics are very easy to understand, and performing perfectly with those tools takes very little time and practice. On a global level there isn’t such an easy to use alternative tool in the locksmith industry. This is the best selling locksmith tool for emergency opening and mechanical duplicate key “assistant”. 

Prodecoder Automatic

Locksmith tools for High Security Double Bit Locks

Double Bit Locks are one of the most common home locks in Europe and not only. In the past years the market has “seen” many alternatives for double bit locks. Most of them require experience and good knowledge base. Additionally, if the lock has antipick cuts, the opening becomes impossible. For Prodecoder Automatic impossible is nothing. It overcomes antipicking with ease. Of course, some of the locks require additional manipulation which must be learned. But this is why we emphasize on the video instructions and the customer service so much. 

The principle again is “automatic impressioning” – the cassettes and the pins within push the plates of the lock with enough power to overcome the anti-picking system. After the second opening (the second turn) you already have the code from both sides of the key. Hence the duplicate key is easy to cut. A tremendous breakthrough in terms of opening techniques and key preparation!

Fusion series

Locksmith tools for pump locks

It is generally understandable that the front pump locks are extremely difficult to overcome with a destructive way of opening. This is because of the anti-drill plates. On the other hand, picking them “one by one” usually blocks them because of the “dead pins” that can be found inside. The fastest and safest way to open the front pump locks is the automatic self impressioning method we offer. It works simultaneously on all pins. Therefore allowing an opening within few seconds only.

Thanks to our effective tools, the opening procedure DOES NOT destroy either the lock nor the door, which ultimately affects the cost of the service. After completing the procedure, the operator can make a duplicate key.

ProEdition Series

Locksmith tools for Double Bit Locks (Doppia Mappa)

With these tools you manipulate the “movement” of the pins. How soft or how hard they move is up to you. Just screw the bolts and tighten them. Or unscrew a bit the bolts to make them softer. This fact increases the life of your tools and their pins. With Proedtion Series you can open no matter how the lock is oriented. ProEdition series open and decode more than 35 different models of Double Bit Locks and we keep developing new models constantly. * Those tool are not to be used on locks with Anti-picking mechanisms!

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