Prodecoder Automatic Juwel 4 x 4

Prodecoder Automatic Juwel 4 x4

This is Prodecoder for Double Bit Locks. We named this product series Prodecoder Automatic – a series dedicated to the high class models of Double Bit Locks. It is based on the self impressioning method of opening- a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key for a lock without picking or disassembly. Extremely easy to work with, these tools overcome locks that are considered high class and are being mounted on armoured doors all around the world. No matter how the lock is oriented, you can unlock and decode as many times as you need to.


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Prodecoder HU64

Prodecoder HU64 for Mercedes Benz

Our next engineering solution is here – Prodecoder HU64 for Mercedes Benz.
HU64 lock has 10 spaces and 5 depths and Prodecoder works on all of the wafers simultaneously, allowing the operator to open fast and with no damage any lock of the type HU64. Being one of the most difficult locks, Prodecoder provides great solution for every professional world wide. Models it works on:


  • Mercedes Benz A class
  • Mercedes Benz C class – from 1999 onward
  • Cl -1995 up to 1999 year
  • CLK – from 2002 onward
  • Mercedes Benz E class – from 1997 onward
  • M class
  • G class
  • S class – from 1999 onward
  • Commercial vehicles – SPRINTER 2007 up to 2011

When key is absent, Prodecoder allows the operator to open and decode with high speed lock type HU64, without the need for technical training and / or the use of complex locksmith techniques or kits, which would delay the process of opening and that would lead to additional technical difficulties, such as destroying the lock, the door, the window or other part of the car itself.



ProEdition Decoder

ProEdition Double Bit Locks

Prodecoder Automatic

Prodecoder Automatic

Single Kit Double Bit Locks

Single Kit Double Bit Locks


These prodecoders аrе invented and developed in Bulgaria. The idea behind these tools is to make the unlocking procedure easy and really fast. It does not require any specific skills or qualifications and this is the reason why this self impressioning tool has become the most advanced lock picking tool that you can find on the market today.

Main advantages are: 
  • No skills required to learn and use the tool
  • Fast opening
  • No damage on the lock
  • You can read the code
  • You can make a duplicate key
  • These decoders can be used as many times on different cars – unlimited

Currently there are 9 models of Prodecoder:

Each of these tools has its own specifications and requirements needed for the opening procedure to be successful. They work on different car models from different years of manufacturing, but all models have the exact same components and a similar opening procedure.

Tool Components

prodecoder components

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