PRODECODER. Empowered by Innovation.

No skills needed

No skills required to learn and use the Prodecoder tools

Fast opening

The opening procedure takes few seconds

No damage

The tool does NOT damage or break the locks

Read the code

After opening, decode with ease and make a duplicate key


You can use it as many times as you want. We offer Spare parts!


Use it in any weather conditions. It will be fast enough

We recommend you to exercise....

Spare Parts Prodecoder

We offer all spare parts for your Prodecoder. Just make sure you select the correct model and purchase it directly from the site. If you are not sure you can manage it on your own, we can do it for you. 

If you have questions, contact us via WhatsApp or email


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We help you do your job better - with PRODECODER

Prodecoder is a Series of Pick Tools that can easily open and decode locks for cars! Our tools cover more than 90% of the cars. These professional decoders will become vital part of your everyday activities. They are easy to learn and easy to use. With every decoder you will receive a personal video tutorial. We offer the safest payment method – PayPal. We ship with DHL Express in 1-2 days after order is received. You can buy Prodecoder Spare Parts directly from the site.

Each of the Prodecoder pick tools has its own specifications and requirements needed for the successful opening. They work on different car models from different years of manufacturing, but all models have the almost exact same components and a similar opening procedure. Training is preferable but not at all recommended. The entire process is very well explained in our personalized videos. This make the tool series very user friendly! 

If you have questions, please contact us at

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Ivaylov Decoder is FAKE! It is NOT Prodecoder!

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