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Chiave Bulgara.


Chiave Bulgara & Grimaldello Bulgaro - Choose Your Tool

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Chiave Bulgara – there is a myth about the Chiave Bulgara / Grimaldello Bulgaro or in English “Bulgarian Pick“.  According to it, this method was used by Bulgarian spies in the times of the Cold War, to enter the houses of enemies. As a result thanks to this lockpick solution it was possible to duplicate the original key. In addition to this may happen by opening the lock without having to force it. The older, classic version of the Chiava Bulgara consists of two components – metal stick with “teeth” or “pins”, like we call them today. The second component is the Tension tool. 

This entire process is very easy – you insert the Tension tool that puts the lock carriage (lock tongue) in tension. This is the same function as the key normally does when it is turned. After that the stick with the pins is inserted. Also this stick has the exact geometry and size of the original key. Moreover those teeth (pins) have the possibility to move. 

In brief by slightly shaking both the Tension and the Soft Stick with pins the vibrations move the pins of the Stick . This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the teeth of the original key. In this way the profile of a half of the key is obtained.  To obtain the other half, it is necessary to repeat the operation for the second half of the profile. At this point you have a complete double bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original ke

chiave bulgara

Alegro Prodecoder Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of Lockpick tools. We have developed 3 types of different tools for Double Bit Locks. Depending on your skills level and the lock you want to open we offer different options. If you need any assistance in choosing your tool you may always contact us by WhatsApp or by email.

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