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This kit is specifically made for manual self-impressioning of Double Bit Lever Locks. It works in a non- destructive way and it is easy to learn. The full kit version contents of 44+ lock models that you can see in the chart below. Additionally, this kit is so diverse it allows additional combinations to be made if the operator knows the exact dimensions of the lock.

The kit contains several “soft” keys, tension tools (different dimensions and shapes|), pins (different dimensions) and spacers (different dimensions), and an empty storage box.

This entire opening process is very easy and it can be applied on almost every Double Bit Lever lock  – you insert the appropriate Tension tool that puts the lock carriage (lock tongue) in tension. This is the same function as the key normally does when it is turned. After that, the stick with the pins is inserted (soft key). Also, this stick has the exact geometry and size of the original key. Moreover, those teeth (pins) have the possibility to move.

In brief, by slightly shaking both the Tension and the Soft Stick with pins, the vibrations move the pins of the soft key. This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the teeth of the original key. In this way, the profile of half of the key is obtained.  To obtain the other half, it is necessary to repeat the operation for the second half of the profile. At this point, you have a complete double-bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original key

For further information check THIS  chart and watch the videos below.


The preparation of the Kit might take 3-4 days before it is shipped, please consider this when you order!

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There are many combinations you can make with this kit. It is the most effective locksmith tool for double bit locks. The principle is the same for every lock. See the chart with insights of the lock dimensions below!

Who is it for?

This Professional Locksmith Kit is for Locksmiths that need to have solution for every possible problem. The kit lets you assemble your working "soft key" according to the dimensions of the lock you want to open. This makes it the most flexible locksmith product on the market. Its supplied with different dimension spare pins and spacers. It Is easy to learn and easy to use. The graph provided gives you inside information of the most common double bit locks used in Europe and not only. You can even make combinations for locks that are not included in the graph (if you know the correct dimension of the lock you want to open). This is a professional locksmith tool for professional locksmiths.

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