Abloy Protec Decoder (Protec 1 and Protec 2)

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The Abloy Protec is now available.

The kit allows the operator to open the system in  10 – 15 minutes in a non-destructive way.

Abloy locksmith Kit which can open & decode ABLOY PROTEC locks!!


Abloy Protec Kit – for direct decoding and unlocking all Abloy Protect models. Our method is applicable to all Protec Unique Key Profiles. With the UPGRADE of the kit you can also open ABLOY PROTEC 2 !!

The Kit includes:

  • code readers – 7 readers with ergonomic aluminium handles
  • code reader guide
  • set up key
  • pins – all dimensions to make working key
  • code chart
  • transport box

General information about ABLOY PROTEC:

The system Abloy Protec is launched in 2011. Abloy Protec contains 11 discs, based on the rotating principle, so in practice there are around 1.97 billion, which in theory means that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick! It also ensures sustainable and very secure operation.

Basic Principle of work: When the 11 pins are aligned, the lockbar drops and the drum of the cylinder can rotate freely in its housing. There are additional features that will be briefly explained later.

Exploded-view of the lock






Protec Discs                                                          Disklock Pro Discs







The Picture above depicts the  difference between  Disklock Pro discs and the Protec discs. You can see that even if they are similar, the discs cannot be interchanged with one another.

NB: the Profiled 0-disc is also known as Bottom 0-disc.

The Disklock Pro discs have square key holes and symmetrical gates in the discs.

On every 15° there is a gate in the disc, both equidistant from the disc’s line of symmetry. Why two gates? Because of the two-way rotation! Two different shear lines – clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.

Disklock Pro discs – no grooves, notches, or gates on the underside of the discs where the return bars are, unlike the Protec discs. The reason for this is because of the Disc Blocking System (DBS). The DBS prevents the cylinder from being picked.

Protec disc-  The gates on the LEFT side of the line of symmetry move smoothly  from 15° from the left in the middle (1-disc) to the top (6-disc). The gates on the RIGHT side of the line of symmetry don’t move smoothly, as the ones to the left.

The Protec 1-disc and 2-disc on the RIGHT side of the line of symmetry make nice jumps from 15°. The 3-, 4-, and 5-discs are the same. The reason for that are the two radii in the key.

The Protec 6-disc has only one gate since it does not rotate when used with the correct key.

There are 8 different variation discs can be used in a Protec cylinder. The bottom 0-disc has a notch that prevents the key from going further into the keyhole, this disc also controls the profile on the tip of the key.




Important! Training process is necessary to learn the opening procedure. If you haven’t been trained and you have no experience, please keep in mind that the warranty of the manufacturer will not apply.


Weight630 kg

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