CR Pump Decoder Kit

With the CR kit, you can easily decode the code and make a setup key which is fully functional for locking and unlocking.

With the “Reader” you easily read the code of the CR front pump lock, according to the scale engraved on it. You write down the code and then you simply assemble the “master” key and the opening is ready. No damage on the lock. The procedure is very easy to learn – it takes just few minutes to learn it.

The CR decoder Kit contains:

  • “Reader” with engraved scale according to the possible codes of the CR lock
  • “Master” key on which you will put the pins, according to the code you read in step 1. This setup key will fit all possible CR pump locks
  • pins with different sizes to set up the “Master” key
  • tweezers
  • durable transportation box
  • video instructions on how to use the CR kit


CR Pump Decoder Kit - Opening Method

The CR Decoder Kit  is a professional locksmith pump decoder. And we made it specially for CR front pump Lock System. This manual picking tool works fast and with no damage on the lock. With CR Decoder you can read the code. The CR pump lock has 3 + 3 pins. 1, 2, 3  pins on the left side and 4, 5, 6 pins on the right side. See pictures below. 

The procedure starts with the “Reader” tool. This tool will help you figure out the code by measuring the depth each pin. The Reader consist of a “needle” with tip that is inserted between two plates. You must insert it between pins 1 and pin 2 on the left side, than pins 2 and pin 3 again on the left site. The same procedure is to be repeated on the right site with the remaining pins – 4, 5, 6 (see picture below). 

After you are done with the reading, you assemble the “Master” key according to the code discovered.  From this point on you have a functional key with which you can lock and unlock the CR front pump lock as many times as you want to. In the video we share all tips and tricks the operator must know for the fast and successful decoding and opening. The procedure is extremely fast and easy to learn. The kit works even on CR models with magnetic key.

CR Pump Decoder Kit Content:

Weight 0.600 kg


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