Cylinder Lock Extractor


Cylinder Lock Extractor that allows fast pulling of the cylinder. The cylinder connects with the lock and thanks to the grip on the front plane of the tool and the additional bolt, the pulling of the cylinder is very easy.

Cylinder Lock Extractor comes with 3 additional SCREWS!

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Lock Extractor of Cylinder Locks

The Lock Extractor can help you remove with ease profile, round and also oval cylinder locks. When you use this Lock Extractor you DON’T  risk damaging neither the door nor the door guard. The specific grip that the Lock Extractor has gives you the additional empowerment to extract the cylinder with ease.  The Prodecoder Extractor  is made from hardened steel for long lasting use. 

The EXTRACTOR often is the only effective manner of a time-saving emergency-opening, especially in the case of multiple-bolt locks and half cylinders (cylinders that only contain 1 plug and can only be opened from one side of the door), as commonly used for example in glass-doors, garage-doors, alarm systems, and shades. As the device works with a single and centrally oriented pulling-mechanism, there are no lateral forces during the actual pulling. This avoids the tilting or breaking of the special pull-screws. For its compact and robust design and its simple and easy use, the “puller”

This locksmith power tool is a MUST for every locksmith, because in some occasions only the destructive opening can do the job for you. Here you can also see our FULL KIT


Lock Extractor contains:

Weight 1.100 kg

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