Extractor Full Force Kit fo (Destructive Method)


The Kit is designed for destructive extraction (opening) of cylinder and car locks. When the situation requires it, you can use this kit to rip off the entire lock and open the door. Whenever you do not have the time or the appropriate tools, this kit will help you to solve the problem (entirely)

ATTENTION!!! This kit is used for total destruction of the cylinder or the car locks!

The kit contains:

  • Cylinder locks Full Force Breaker
  • Pro Combo Puller – can be used on both home and car locks
  • Alignment plates – they help you calibrate the puller thanks to the different diameter they have in order to extract precisely the lock
  • Wrench – to apply the required force for the extraction of the lock mechanism
  • Retractable bi-metal self-tapping bolts (different diameter). The bolts are extremely strong and thatnks to them the extraction is possible
  • A tool for radial bending of low-profiled lock cylinders.
  • Durable Transportation Box


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