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This is a brand new decoder that can open and decode Dimple Locks MCM E8 / AS6.  The decoder is very easy to use, it requires no significant experience whatsoever . The most important thing is to follow the procedure exactly as it is shown. Important! This decoder is NOT UNIVERSAL. It is created to enter and unlock only the cylinder locks MCM E8 / AS6.

MCM E8 / AS6 Decoder- Topolino Decoder

MCM E8 / AS6 Decoder with 6 independent sliding pins is the first locksmith tool from a new series of decoders we will put under the name “Topolino”. This new version of Prodecoder is an innovative new professional locksmith decoder. And we made it specially for Dimple lock MCM E8 / AS6 with 6 pins . This MCM E8 / AS6 works on an automatic self impressioning way. It is very fast and causes no damage on the MCM E8 / AS6 6 pins locks. With MCM E8 / AS6 Decoder you can read the code. As a result, after you open the lock, you can make a duplicate key. After we ship it, the decoder is ready for work. Because of that, you don’t need to further arrange the tool or any of its components. All you need to do is watch your personalized video and learn carefully the opening procedure. Important factor is the direction of the tension (only to the left as shown in the video) and the tension you are giving. Always keep in mind that this is NOT a force tool.

The tool will “pump” each pin of the MCM E8 / AS6 to a specific height until it reaches the required depth. Another key point is how easy you can repair any broken or twisted pin – just pull out the broken one and replace it with one of the spare pins provided in your kit.

topolino prodecoder

Contents of the box

Topolino decoder- Important

1 step. Reset the pins – insert the reset cap. The arrow on the Topolino and The arrow of the reset cap must “meet” 

2 step. Slide back the button (towards the end of the handle) IMPORTANT! – if the button is not slided back and you try to reset, the tool will be damaged.

3 step. Push all 6 pins with the hex key

4 step. Extract the reset cap. Check if all pins are aligned horizontally 

5 step. Slide up the button (towards the top of the blade)

6 step. Insert the additional tension tool first (as shown in the video)

7 step. Insert the tool into the lock with the button pointing the ground

8 step. Slide back the button

9 step. Start pumping – push the tension tool down and then apply tension to the left with the Topolino handle. Return the Topolino handle in neutral position. After that you repeat the procedure, but you lift the tension tool up and then apply tension to the left with the Topolino handle. This procedure must be performed Slide up the button (towards the top of the blade) – there is no need for great tension as you can see in the video!

10 step. Slide down the button (towards the handle). Extract the tool and the tension tool

Demo Video Topolino MCM E8 / AS6 Decoder

This is a non disruptive opening tool for MCM E8 lock. It must be operated with almost no force. You apply medium amount of tension. The tool will position each of the pins of the Cylinder Lock to a specific height. This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the original key. In this way the profile of the key is obtained.  At this point you have a complete double bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original key. 

Shipping handling information

Before we ship we make a personalized video instructions with your tool. This serves as a manual and also a guarantee for the condition of the decoder. Shipping is done with DHL. Cost of shipping for the EUR is – 30 EUR and 40 EUR for the rest of the world

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