Prodecoder Automatic Juwel, CAM & Yale 4 x 4


The tool has 4 x 4 pins and can perform on:

  • Juwel – old models only!!!  
  • Rav-Bariach
  • Yale 
  • CAM (Russian SAM locks with 4×4 pins – works on both types with or without antipicking)
  • every other lock with the same dimensions!!!

Important regarding JUWEL – this tool works on the old models of Juwel 4×4. In the spring of 2020, there has been a new model developed and distributed by MultiLock. The new model of Juwel 4×4 has cuts on the levers inside the lock which serve as a “trap” for the pins of Prodecoder Automatic. We have developed a new tool that overcomes both new and old Juwel locks. The product can be seen HERE

Below are the videos and more information about the product!


Juwel lock Decoder - Prodecoder Automatic

Prodecoder Automatic works on self impressioning method of opening. Opens extremely fast. This is a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key. It works  without manual picking or disassembly to be required. Extremely easy to work with. The tool can overcome locks that are considered high class. Such locks can be mounted on armored doors all around the world. No matter how the lock is oriented. Hence you can unlock and decode as many times as you need to.

Prodecoder Automatic Grimaldello Bulgaro has 2 main wheels and 2 additional small tension handles.
1. Turbo wheel – when you turn the turbo wheel you cause movement of the pins. This is the main operational wheel.

2. Tension wheel – by giving (and holding) the tension to the left and to the right, you are turning the turbo wheel. This is how you cause traction between the pins and the respective plates (levers) of the lock. This is the main methodology Prodecoder Automatic uses to work on the self impressioning method. 
The wheel has two stop points. And they must remind you that you need to perform a progressive opening. You should NOT force the tools

3. Small tension handles- you can easily screw them on the Tension wheel (2). Their purpose is for convenience – with them the operation is much easier. Additionally they have amazing grip with your hand and you are able to feel the tension of the levers. 


The tool comes with video instructions made with the Prodecoder Automatic that you will receive. Every decoder has unique serial number. This works as a guarantee that the decoder comes in working condition. It also insures personal attention to every client. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Demo Prodecoder Automatic on RB Lock (Rav-Bariach)

Про Сам (Pro SAM locks Russia)

JUWEL SAFE LOCK 4X4 with Prodecoder Automatic

Demo on SAM Lock with Prodecoder Automatic

Weight 0.300 kg


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