CR MRX Plus Decoder Kit


CR MRX Plus Decoder Kit is specifically made for CR MRX Plus system. It consist of 4 soft keys, 8 small boxes with pins and tweezers.

Two Soft Keys for Right orientation ( DX 1 & DX 2) and two for Left orientation ( SX 1 & SX 2). Depending of the lock position, you use the RIGHT sticks or the LEFT ones. Additionally it has 8 boxes with pins. Box “0” are the spare pins for the soft keys. Boxes 1 to 7 are fixed pins.

Because the system is made for the 6×6 CR MRX Plus system, it also covers almost all models within the range 24/24.2 mm (key dimension). This makes this kit extremely versatile for the most common 6×6 locks


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CR MRX Plus Decoder Kit

CR MRX Plus Decoder KIT
CR MRX Plus Decoder Kit

Full traction control

The Soft keys fully resemble all specifics of the CR MRX Plus. Thanks to that the opening is one step closer to the opening. But there are also other factors that need to be considered

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Works on more than 15 lock types with 6x6 double bit lock system

FOR lock with key dimensions 24/24.2 mm

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8 Pin Boxes

Specific about the CR MRX Plus lock is that the plates that go first in “code” are plate 1 and 6. Then the traction of the pins must be loosened to overcome the anti-picking. But if the traction is loosened, sometimes you risk for the pins 1 and 6 to fall and get out of the “code”. This is why in some occasions we must put “fixed” pins in position 1 and 6. This way even if you loosen the traction a bit more, they will stay “in code”

CR MRX Plus Decoder KIT


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